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Joe Rappaport, COE Violinist

Joseph Rappaport

“I believe that without Claudio’s help and support there would be no COE. The initial impulse to found the Orchestra was conceived in the atmosphere of enthusiasm and excellence we enjoyed in making music together with Claudio. Right from the very start, having him behind (and in front of!) us opened many doors, ears and coffers for COE, and, together on stage, we opened many hearts! Claudio was one of the few artists I have experienced who was genuinely, visibly moved in the very act of music-making; many a slow movement was rounded off with Claudio wiping away a tear.

For many years Claudio was the father of our COE family. He lit a flame in our hearts that still burns brightly long after our close relationship with him had reached its end. I take this opportunity to thank and bid a still-fond farewell to a man and artist who changed and shaped my life.”