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Lutz Schumacher †, COE Double-Bassist

Lutz Schumacher

“Claudio was a conductor who loved the sound of the basses and especially the very low notes on a five string double bass. In fact I have rarely come across a conductor who had such a precise ear for these low notes – he would immediately notice if there was no five string instrument playing.

In the first days of COE however, we didn’t have such an instrument, and as Claudio was insisting on ‘his’ low notes, we hired these basses for his projects. Once on a tour in Italy the instrument provided was so bad that I told him it was close to unplayable. We ended up with the compromise that I would play the five-stringer only in the movements needed; so we had  Brahms serenade with Claudio waiting patiently between the movements for me to change between the two instruments I had on stage, but happy to hear the very low notes.”