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The Chamber Orchestra of Europe’s education programme is dedicated to enabling young people and new audiences to experience and be stimulated by high-quality live classical music. With the wealth of knowledge and expertise that the Orchestra possesses, the musicians seek to inspire, support and encourage young musicians of all ages from all over Europe and all socio-economic backgrounds.

The variety of origin and residence of the Orchestra’s European musicians is a fundamental characteristic of the COE and is an outstanding example of intercultural dialogue and of how it is possible to unite the richness of European cultures. The profoundly European character of the Orchestra means that its education programme can reach far and wide. When students and COE members work together, mixing cultural values and musical know-how, the pedagogic process and experience creates a unique European synergy. The students are able to gain a unique insight from a well-established pan-European organisation on tour, and afterwards take this experience back to the country where they normally live and study. This cultural dialogue can make an enormous impact. COE members are multilingual and are able to present classes and inspire in many European languages. The Orchestra crosses and breaks down many communication and national boundaries, providing musical education that is accessible to all with music as the common language.

The many skills and influences that the members of the COE possess are transferred to young musicians and new audiences through the COE Academy programme, masterclasses, animateur-led sessions, open rehearsals and workshops. When working across Europe in partnership with schools, concert halls and other partners, the COE strives to provide the highest quality of musical education to add an extra dimension to the local national musical curriculum.