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Education and Outreach Projects

In addition to the COE Academy, the orchestra works in partnership with schools, conservatoires and concert halls to create education projects with the aspiration to enable young people and new audiences to experience, learn from and be inspired by live orchestral and chamber music, performed at the very best level.

Frankfurt school copy.jpg

Musicians from the COE working with pupils from a school in Frankfurt, Germany
in educational outreach activities.

School, Community and Family Workshops

In 2008, in partnership with the Dublin Offices of the European Commission and European Parliament ,the Orchestra took part in a school’s project with approximately 30 children. COE chamber soloists led the project, playing a short concert and then hosting a workshop to introduce the children to classical music and to show them how instruments of the orchestra work and sound.

Education day in Dijon, December 2010

The Opéra de Dijon, in collaboration with the COE, organised a Family Workshop on 19th December, the day before the COE concert, which was attended by approximately 45 people of all ages and backgrounds. The project was co-ordinated by Hannah Conway, an experienced animateur, with a group of ten COE musicans. According to the Dijon newspaper Le Bien Public, the afternoon was a great success, full of play and fun. The project was designed to make classical music more accessible. Hannah led an inspirational workshop which included activities involving movement, dance and guided composition based on characters from fairy tales. The active participants (children with their families, and all with instruments) were guided along a musical journey that started with short musical fragments developing into chamber works by Shostakovich, Schubert and Tchaikovsky which in turn connected to the full orchestral works presented at the orchestral concert the following day.

Public Masterclasses

Public masterclasses.jpg

From top left to bottom: François Leleux giving an oboe masterclass at the Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon, Portugal, 2008); Simone Jandl in Bratislava (Slovakia, 2010); Howard Penny, Mats Zetterqvist and Marieke Blankestijn with a cello student at the Edsberg Manor / Royal College of Music in Stockholm (Sweden, 2009)

Masterclass in Bulgaria

Martin Walch (in beige jacket) with the participants
at his masterclass in Sofia, Bulgaria (2007) with
Professor Alexander Iltschev (kneeling)

In December 2007 and February 2010 the COE ran a series of violin Masterclasses at the State Academy of Music in Sofia, Bulgaria in co-operation with the Austrian Embassy. Martin Walch, violin member of Chamber Orchestra of Europe ran the Masterclasses together with Professor Alexander Iltschev, Head of Violin Studies.

Residency at the Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon (Portugal)

Gulbenkian Foundation copy.jpg

From top left to bottom right: Joseph Rappaport teaching the Feldenkreis Method (2010); Julian Poore coaching a young pupil; A young musician is invited to sit on stage with the Orchestra during a rehearsal; School workshops and projects (2008)

The Chamber Orchestra of Europe has a close association with the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon and, over the last three years, has worked in partnership with the Foundation’s Education department on a range of innovative and creative projects designed to develop new audiences.

They include school workshops on specific themes such as “Orchestrated Meetings”, “Journey into the World of Sound”, “Three Thematic Journeys”, “How to make a Concert”, “Meet the Orchestra”; children’s concerts; music theatre projects and public masterclasses.