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The COE Academy

In 2009, the Chamber Orchestra of Europe established an Academy for outstanding postgraduate students. Those students selected receive scholarships to study with the Principal players of COE and to travel on tour with the orchestra in order to understand, and be inspired by the orchestra’s unique ethos and passion for making music.

Each year, a maximum of 12 students are selected to join the Academy: 2 violinists and 10 other students who play Viola, Cello, Bass, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet, and Timpani. Places are offered to students on the basis of merit alone and all successful candidates receive full scholarships. Tuition costs as well as travel, hotel and subsistence expenses are paid for by the Orchestra. The students selected are usually postgraduate students who have just left university or conservatoire.

Each student spends approximately 10 days on tour with the orchestra spread over the year, most usually taking part in two or three tours. The students have individual lessons from COE soloists, and in addition receive coaching on orchestral technique, chamber music, and performance style from other members of the orchestra. Feldenkrais Method along with professional development sessions are also offered. Students sometimes have the chance to play with the Orchestra during rehearsals and play chamber music with other students and with members of COE. They are made to feel as if they are a member of the Orchestra for the time they are “on tour”, to experience the idealism and unique ethos of the COE;  to share the member’s passion for making music at the highest level with likeminded friends from diverse European backgrounds.

The wind players of the COE Academy programme are supported by the Rupert Hughes Will Trust in memory of the late Rupert Hughes. This programme also makes it possible for highly talented young professionals who have recently graduated from conservatoire, to have the opportunity to gain orchestral experience at the very highest level.

To apply for the COE Academy, please send your CV and two recordings (preferably solo) to Caroline Ferry at Please note that there are no specific audition dates as they tend to be decided according to where and when the Orchestra travels.

What the Academists said...

Romana Kaiser - Swiss-German cellist, COE Academy August 2015, Lucerne, Switzerland

Klara Wincor - Austrian cellist, COE Academy November 2014, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Christopher Koppitz - Portuguese oboist, COE Academy July 2014, Baden-Baden, Germany

Rhona Bosch - Israeli trumpeter, COE Academy November 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Paula Zarén - Swedish violinist, COE Academy June 2013, Graz, Austria

Livia Duleba - Hungarian flautist, COE Academy June 2013, Graz, Austria

Daniel Migdal - Swedish violinist, COE Academy December 2012, Ferrara, Italy

Mariona Mateu - Spanish double-bassist, COE Academy November 2012, Lucerne, Switzerland

Angelo Montanaro - Italian clarinetist, COE Academy November 2012, Paris, France

Boris Kertsman - Romanian trumpeter, COE Academy June 2012, Graz, Austria

Jana Ozolina - Latvian violinist, COE Academy April 2012, Ferrara, Italy

Kaija Lukas - Estonian violinist, COE Academy November 2011, Ferrara, Italy

Belma Alic - Bosnian cellist, COE Academy June 2011, Graz, Austria

Lydia Pantzier - German bassoonist, COE Academy January 2011, Amsterdam, Netherlands