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Tomas Djupsjöbacka, COE Cellist

Tomas Djupsjöbacka

"Being one of the youngest members of the orchestra, I unfortunately didn't experience performing and recording the Beethoven Symphony Cycle in the 1990s, so central in the development of the COE into what it is today. Nevertheless, during my time in the orchestra, I have been lucky to perform music by Beethoven, Smetana and Offenbach conducted by Nikolaus Harnoncourt. The rehearsals with Maestro Harnoncourt will be treasured in my memory as some of the most informative and interesting I have ever experienced. His vision of the pieces, the attention to detail and his intense way of communicating all this is unique. As a musician, I am challenged and often required to think about my opinions - "why do I play the way I do” or "why should this phrase be played this way”... This is the key to learning, and after a project with Maestro Harnoncourt, I always felt I had learnt something new about music. That is one of the biggest gifts a musician can receive."