The COE is appointed Orchestra-in-Residence at the Esterhazy Palace from 2022

In 2022 the internationally acclaimed Chamber Orchestra of Europe (COE) will assume their role as the new orchestra-in-residence at the Esterházy Palace in Eisenstadt. The ensemble was selected by a group of six world-renowned musicians and cultural managers in a multistage process. The residency is for a period of three years during which the orchestra will undertake at least four concert projects per year in the Haydn Hall of the Esterházy Palace. The concerts will be performed both for the HERBSTGOLD Festivals and for the concert series classic.Esterhazy. Throughout the course of the residency members of the ensemble will also engage in chamber music and education projects and the existing cooperation with the Haydn Conservatory is to be expanded.

Julian Rachlin, the newly appointed Artistic Director of the HERBSTGOLD Festival, on the selection of the ensemble: “The choice of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe as the new orchestra-in-residence in the Esterházy Palace is a testimony to the brilliant spirit and creative soul that characterise this site of immense musical and historical significance. The recordings and concerts of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe have had a deep and meaningful impact on me and they serve as points of musical reference for musicians across the globe. As such it is also a personal honour for me as Artistic Director of the HERBSTGOLD Festival to be able to engage the orchestra at the Esterházy Palace. The fact that the century-old tradition of renowned orchestras residing at the Esterházy Palace is being continued with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe’s upcoming residence fills us all with immense joy and happiness!”

Andreas Richter, the Artistic Director of classic.Esterhazy, elaborating on the decision to select the COE: “The quality and international reputation of the orchestra as well as their upcoming concert programs featuring works by Haydn with artists such as Sir Simon Rattle were all deciding factors in the jury’s decision. I’m delighted that an ensemble of such high calibre has been appointed for the Esterházy Palace and very much look forward to the wonderful musical moments we will be able to bestow upon our audiences.”

Simon Fletcher, General Manager of the COE explains: “The COE is delighted to be invited to be the orchestra-in-residence at the Palace of Esterházy as from 2022. The Orchestra has an international reputation for musical excellence, for high-level collaborations with the world’s most sought-after conductors and instrumentalists, for cross-cultural understanding and as a Cultural Ambassador representing Europe at its best. Following in the tradition of court orchestras, and the Palace’s rich cultural legacy, we will take forward the qualities and values of this important heritage to shape and underpin our shared artistic vision. We look forward very much to our coming concerts at the Palace of Esterházy and to share our music making with the audience in Eisenstadt and more widely in Burgenland.”
The tradition of the Esterházy Palace in Eisenstadt to house an orchestra-in-residence dates back to the historic Esterházy family, which employed its own orchestra at its court for a long period of time. Since the days of musical directors such as Gregor Joseph Werner and Joseph Haydn, later also Nepomuk Hummel, the palace was a place for creative spirits to become acquainted with one another. It offered a platform for lively, creative dialogue between musicians, artists and the public that led to the creation of numerous pioneering works and musical innovations. For these reasons the name Esterházy and the associated Haydn Hall in Eisenstadt’s palace has managed to establish its unique reputation in international musical circles. It is the responsibility of the respective orchestras-in-residence to uphold this unique heritage by providing new musical impulses both locally and nationally.

In the selection process closed invitations were issued to a number of world-renowned orchestras that were selected due to their artistic profiles, backgrounds and upcoming artistic commitments. All orchestras that were invited took part in the process. The COE’s predecessor was the Haydn Philharmonie that began a three-year residency in 2016. In 2019 the successful residency was extended and collaborative projects between the two institutions will continue on a project-by-project basis in the future. Five of these projects are planned for 2021 in Eisenstadt. During the closed selection process a decision was made to also work together closely with the Austrian period orchestra and consort Barucco, who will also be present at the Esterházy Palace in the future.

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