How to apply

Leader (50%)

The Chamber Orchestra of Europe (COE) is currently inviting applications for the position of Leader (50%).

The COE works for roughly 90-110 days per annum divided into approximately 10-12 projects spread throughout the year. The COE has two Leaders who are expected to share the workload equally i.e. approximately 50 days each per year.

Every member of the orchestra is paid at the same daily rate. The Leaders receive an additional Leader fee for tour preparation (e.g. bowing), plus fees for directing, chamber music and solo work as applicable. Members are contracted per project on a self-employed basis and are responsible for their own Personal Tax and Social Security in their country of residence, Pension plans, Health and Instrument Insurance etc.

Vacancy form

The successful applicant will be resident in Europe and have the necessary paperwork in order to work and travel freely within the European Union, including the ability to provide valid A1 forms when requested.

Application procedure:
All applications for this vacancy must be made by completing the application form at muvac. Applications must include a CV and a good quality video or audio recording of any solo ‘Classical’ repertoire. If you wish, you may upload one additional video or audio recording of any repertoire (solo or chamber music).
Audition requirements:
(a) a first movement from a Mozart concerto with cadenza (accompanied)
(b) a movement of solo Bach (unaccompanied)
(c) a first movement of one of the following concertos: Bartok 2, Beethoven, Berg, Brahms, Britten, Dvorak, Elgar, Korngold, Mendelssohn, Prokofiev 1 or 2, Schumann, Sibelius, Stravinsky or Tchaikovsky (accompanied)
(d) orchestral excerpts sent at the point of invitation

Successful auditionees will be advised by email and offered a trial period by mutual arrangement. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified by email as soon as possible after their audition.

Guest work

We occasionally hold auditions for guest work in our violin, viola and cello sections. Highly qualified candidates may apply by uploading a CV and recording directly onto the COE website. Please send us a recording of any ‘Classical’ repertoire preferably by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven or Schubert. Please do not send a recording of music from the ‘Romantic’ period or of any contemporary composer. The recording does not need to be made on professional equipment. Please also inform us of your nationality and country of residence.

Other sections are not currently holding guest work auditions, however, please feel free to send us a CV for future reference to Camilla Follett,

Please do make sure that none of the files that you upload exceed 10MB in size and that your audio file is in mp3 format (mp4a is not valid).

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