Jana Ozolina

“I can only say that I was very happy to have the possibility to play with the COE, it was an important experience, as I am playing in a string  chamber orchestra myself, but the COE is more open to different repertoire thanks to their wind players. I was thrilled to have lessons with the COE Leader and Co-Principal second violin, because they meet all the greatest artists every day so I learnt a lot from them. I was deeply grateful that they were so open to sharing their experience and knowledge. I really hope that I will have more opportunities to work with the COE, because this orchestra is a miracle, it is much more than just a chamber orchestra.”

Jana is a Latvian violinist. Jana is a student at the Academy in Graz and a pupil of Prof. Boris Kuschnir. In 2010 Jana founded ‘Duo Extatique’ with pianist Agnese Eglina. The Orchestra’s Leader Lorenza Borrani was so impressed with Jana’s playing that she invited her to audition as a guest player.

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