Klara Wincor

“Having the chance to join the COE as an academist in Amsterdam was a fantastic experience for a number of reasons. I was given individual lessons and played chamber music and in the orchestra with some of Europe’s finest musicians. But what equally amazed me was the open and welcoming atmosphere among all the staff and orchestra members, and the way I was included in the project. While I was playing in the orchestra, I could feel the energy coming from every musician – the typical difference between principal and tutti players doesn’t exist here, everyone is a necessary part of the group. It was like a large-scale chamber music group where everybody is responsible, listening and reacting, and giving their very best to create a great musical experience.
It was fascinating to meet and be on stage with the legendary Bernard Haitink and Emanuel Ax – to see how they work with the orchestra, how they trust the COE to produce music of the highest quality and then to subtly influence their playing. Watching Haitink from close by was very inspiring, and I cannot forget the incredible sound of the orchestra’s pianissimi and the flute, clarinet, cello and horn solos. Thank you for these wonderful days!”

Klara is a cellist from Vienna, member of the EUYO and the Wiener Jeunesse Orchester. She is one of the two EUYO players that the COE selected, in the context of its recently set-up partnership with the EUYO, to come on tour in 2014 with the COE.

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