Goodbye dear Gert-Inge…

It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our much loved colleague Gert-Inge who passed away on 20th August 2019.
A wonderful musician and one of the great characters of the Orchestra, Gert-Inge with his unfailing humour, original and delightfully quirky take on life, spread joy around him.
He will be greatly missed.

Gert-Inge was a model for us all. Always straightforward, without any tricks or hidden agendas, equal in his behaviour towards all and never judging people from where they were in the social hierarchy, without a single trace of meanness, always curious and with a great sense of humour. Miss him enormously.

Mats Zetterqvist, COE Violin

The heaven is now one lively and lovely Viking richer but our loss can’t be explained in words. A truly amazing and warm-hearted person that we all just loved. His laughter and inimitable accent will be very, very missed. Skål!

Håkan Björkmann, COE Trombone

Stephen Wright, COE Viola
Nick Eastop, COE Bass Trombone
Benjamin Gilmore, COE Violin
Henrik Brendstrup, COE Cello
Håkan Rudner, COE Violin
Fredrik Paulsson, COE Violin
Will Conway, COE Cello
Nimrod Guez, COE Viola
Yannick Nézet-Séguin, Conductor and COE Honorary Member
Jan Harshagen, COE Horn
Claudia Hofert, COE Viola
Daniel Hope, Violin
Peter Fridholm, Flute
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