Derri Lewis, Tours and Library Assistant

Derri’s musical background is as a composer. He trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and he spent a semester on exchange studying in Zürich. He is fascinated by music’s ability to connect us and tell stories. He was thrilled to hear his music brought to life by wonderful musicians, including two principals of the COE – Lucy Gould and Richard Lester, as part of the Gould Piano Trio.

He is not just passionate about making music, but also about making music happen. His previous role was Artist Development Project Manager at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He enjoyed producing the annual Students Create Festival, which involved 150 students in 18 concerts across three days!

The three things that excite him the most in his role with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe are: firstly, simply experiencing the COE’s extraordinary, dynamic, and passionate performances every day on tour. What an honour! Secondly, welcoming the next generation of exceptional musicians as part of the COE Academy. And finally, he is looking forward to bringing his watercolours on tour to sketch all of the wonderful places the orchestra travels to.

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