Rhona Bosch

“My four-day academy experience with the COE was amazing! During my stay the staff and members of COE made me feel very welcome, always taking care of every little detail in my schedule and doing their best to include me in all the possible orchestra activities that would be of interest to me, and I am very grateful for this.
The orchestra played two complete Brahms programs with the 1st and 2nd symphonies and with Janine Jansen playing the Brahms violin concerto and the Capuçon brothers playing the double concerto. To hear all this great music in the amazing Concertgebouw, played by this unique orchestra and conducted by Maestro Haitink was, needless to say, a mind-blowing experience. Having the opportunity to sit next to the trumpet section during rehearsals while looking at the score and the players’ parts and seeing how the magic happens in real-time was fantastic and instructive. I have never experienced such a level of music making in my life, from so close up.
Usually during the early mornings or afternoons I would have lessons with Nicholas Thompson, the principal trumpet player of the COE. The lessons would go on until late as Nick is a very enthusiastic and dedicated teacher, with a lot of valuable information which he is eager to share. He has been a member of the COE for many years and has played with many great musicians and conductors, so playing for him orchestral repertoire was very insightful and interesting. I learned so much about the art of orchestra playing and got some great musical advice.”

Israeli-born trumpet player Rhona Bosch studied at the Buchmann Mehta School of Music in Tel Aviv, at the Universität der Künste berlin and is currently finishing up her Masters degree at “det Jyske konservatrium” in Aarhus, studying with Prof. Kristian Steenstrup. Rhona has collaborated with the West Eastern Divan orchestra, Deutsche oper, Neubrandenburg Philharmonie, the Israeli Chamber Orchestra, the Camerata Orchestra, the Jerusalem symphony orchestra, the Tel Aviv Soloists ensemble and more. She has appeared as soloist at the Great Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow over the past two years, most recently in collaboration with renowned pianist Frederik Kempf and Alexey Utkin’s chamber orchestra.

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