Mariona Mateu

“These days with the COE have been like a dream: it’s so hard now to go back to the routine! I learnt a lot and I had a really good time there. The people in the COE are so great, musically and personally! I hope the spirit of the Orchestra never changes. I can assure this experience has been the greatest thing I’ve ever done. I also hope a lot of students can have the same opportunity I had.”

Mariona studies at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya with Jonathan Camps. She is a member of the Jove Orquetra Nacional de Catalunya and filharmonia and the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya orchestra. Mariona as worked with Manel Valdivieso, Lutz Köhler, Antoni Ros-Marbà, Karl Anton Ricken backer, Valery Ovsyanikov, Josep Ponsand and Pablo González.

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