Sir András Schiff

Since collaborating with Sir András for the first time in 1985, the COE has given about 90 concerts with Sir András, including the 35th anniversary concert at St John’s Smith Square in 2016. This special relationship is crystallised in Sir András’s words about the Orchestra: “There are orchestras, good ones, great ones, and then there is the COE. This is a community of individuals who love music and who obviously enjoy being together. Like in good chamber music, there is a constant flow of give and take. It is a unique ensemble.” Together, Sir András Schiff, flautist Thierry Fischer and the COE recorded Bach’s Piano Concertos BWV 1052-1058 for Decca in 1990, “a clear first choice” according to the Penguin CD Guide.

Listen to Sir András Schiff talking about the special relationship he developed with the COE over several decades on the COE podcast.

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