Ulrika Jansson, Violin (Associate)

Ulrika Jansson grew up in the small Baltic coastal town of Västervik in Sweden where violin lessons at the vibrant local music school inspired her to a career in music. She studied in Stockholm in Sweden and Freiburg in Germany, and it was here she first heard of the COE from a fellow student and member of the orchestra, viola player Charlotte Geselbracht. She asked Ulrika if she would be interested in joining as the orchestra needed violins. Hearing the orchestra in concert in Paris blew her mind and convinced her that this was an ensemble of extraordinary quality. She auditioned, was offered a trial and has been a member since 1985.

Ulrika lives in Stockholm where she co-leads the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, a position she has held since 1994.

During her varied career she has frequently appeared as a soloist and performed with many eminent chamber groups such as The Gaudier Ensemble and her own quartet, which for many years toured extensively throughout Sweden and Europe.

Ulrika runs a forestry plantation in Småland, Sweden, where she enjoys fishing for pike-perch and crayfish. She is very interested in Botany and taxonomy of Swedish plants.

Listen to Ulrika and her husband Nick Eastop in interview with Simon Mundy on Interlude, the COE podcast.

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